Thomas Gardner is Alyssa's father. He is described as being kind, caring, and having a great sense of humor. He is married to Alison Gardner, Alyssa's mother. His real name is David Skeffington.  

David was a young boy when his uncle William was teaching him how to open the gate to Wonderland. His uncle had a stroke and David panicked, seeking medical help from the magical beings in Wonderland that he heard about in stories. Unfortunately, before he could find anyone to help his dying uncle, Sister Two kidnapped him and whisked him away to her lair. For most of his teenage life, David's dreams were used to feed Wonderland's restless souls until he was rescued by Alison Liddel. Queen Ivory, the queen of the White Kingdom, wiped the first 16 years of his memory before he was taken back to the mortal world for medical help. Alison named him Thomas Gardner and the pair fell in love. They got married and had Alyssa.