About and History (Spoiler Alert!!!!)Edit

Morpheus is Alyssa's suspicious and mysterious guide through Wonderland, who usually has dark motives of his own. Unlike other netherlings, Morpheus had a childhood of sorts and thus has a special ability to dream (dream-magic) like a human child. He shared a special connection to Alyssa's mother and then with Alyssa herself. In her dreams, Morpheus would take Alyssa to Wonderland and teach her the way of the land. There are two things he loves most; his home in Wonderland, and Alyssa

Once the Caterpillar that Alice Liddell came across when she first ventured to Wonderland, Morpheus went through his stage of metamorphosis and became a moth instead of a butterfly. He still retains some of the Caterpillar's habits, however; such as his hookah pipe. 

Relationships (Spoilers Ahead - Beware!) Edit

Alyssa Gardner: Morpheus was Alyssa's childhood dream friend and later became her suitor and love. At the end of Ensnared, in the epilogue, Alyssa describes when Jebediah dies and she grew to become an old lady with him, sharing a life just how she wanted it to be. Then, Alyssa jumps down the rabbit hole and Morpheus catches her. He then puts her ruby crown upon her head, and Alyssa transforms back to age sixteen, therefore starting her eternity with Morpheus in Wonderland.

Jebediah Holt - First seeing Jeb as a threat to his connection with Alyssa, Morpheus doesn't hesitate to try and break the two apart. But as the series continues, especially in Ensnared when the two are forced to work together to escape Queen Red, Morpheus gradually warms up to Jeb, accepting that Alyssa will always want Jeb, just like she wants him.

Rabid White - As Morpheus's loyal right-paw-rabbit, Rabid White conspired with Morpheus many times to both help and hinder Alyssa on her quest to become queen, even when she didn't know that she was going to end up on the throne.

Chessie - Another loyal, close helper of Morpheus, Chessie, in his mischevious but small ways, never hesitates to aid Morpheus when he needs it. Once saving both Morpheus and Alyssa when Morpheus's car wouldn't start in Unhinged, Chessie only wants what's best for his master and queen.

Gossamer - A spriteling who's fiercely loyal to her master, Gossamer doesn't hesitate to resort to ruthlessness when her master needs her to accomplish a task.

Netherling PatchesEdit

Morpheus has swirling, black, tattoo-like markings under his eyes like most netherlings. He also has tiny gems on them that change color. However Morpheus's gems only change color depending on his mood, thoughts and emotions.

Gems chartEdit

  • RED: anger
  • GREEN: sick, nervous
  • "TEA" GREEN: satisfaction
  • BLUE: calm, neutral, sincere
  • LIGHT BLUE: anguish
  • BLACK: seductive, acceptance
  • COPPER ORANGE: apprehension
  • PURPLE: pride, passion, playful
  • PINK: affection
  • TRANSPARENT: truthful
  • LILAC-GREY: bewildered
  • FLASHING/RAINBOW : all emotions jumbled
  • TURQUOISE: turmoil
  • GOLDEN: pride, satisfaction

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandEdit

Alice first met Caterpillar shortly after she had escaped the White Rabbit's house, and she was presently only a couple of inches high. She found Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom and smoking a hookah. He began questioning Alice, asking who she was and she admitted to him she was not sure anymore and was having an identity crisis, due to the fact that she had been changing forms a lot, previous to their meeting. Although Alice tried to explain herself, Caterpillar did not see why she did not know herself at that moment and refused to see her point of view. As the creature seemed to be getting annoyed with her, Alice tried to leave, but Caterpillar called her back to give her some advice about keeping her temper. However, it only made Alice angrier. Caterpillar then, slowly coming around to her point of view, asked Alice to repeat the poem "You Are Old, Father William" to see if she could remember things like her original self, but the poem came out rather strange, like many of the nursery rhymes Alice attempted in Wonderland. Before leaving, Caterpillar told Alice how to change size by eating the mushroom upon which he was sitting: one side of the mushroom will make her taller, and the other will make her shorter. After then, he calmly strolled away into the grass.

Past (Spoiler Alert!!!)Edit

The book, however, seemed to be a somewhat child-friendly version of what actually happened. He, along with the Cheshire Cat or Chessie, with Alice had invoked chaos within Wonderland who upon her capture Alice had admitted to the following: putting an untimely end to a tea party, spilled soup all over a duchess which cause her to sneeze and allowing Alice to steal her gloves and fan, unleashed an accidental ocean and helped a hungry artisan trick his walrus friend out of a envy of very vocal clams. She claimed that Chessie, Morpheus, and herself had done these action referring to them as the Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat. However, at this time Morpheus had began his metamorphosis into a moth instead of a butterfly like most versions of the tale that happens afterwards, which took seventy-five years. When Alice needed his help, he was unavailable, for Chessie had lost his body which was eaten by Queen Red's bandersnatch before being exiled. After being released from his cocoon he probably learned what had happened and tried to help other Alice descendents to fix Alice's, Chessie's, and his own mistakes from what Alyssa calls a guilty conscience. Alison's mother jumped out of a window to possibly protect Alison from being linked to Morpheus by the mind and being eventually led to Wonderland. Morpheus has been with Alyssa ever since her birth, appearing in her dreams, teaching the toddler ways of the land until she went out and played with Morpheus who was in moth form during a thunderstorm. Alison was terrified by this and tried to kill him with pruning scissors in the garden by Alyssa stopped her with her bare hands and Morpheus fled. Possibly around some early time after that, Alison had make Morpheus swear (most likely on his life magic) to not approach Alyssa himself out of respect but it seems Alison knew of this so he probably did swear but there was a loophole being that while he cannot look for her, Alyssa was allowed to look for him in Wonderland.