It's a lot easier to save your ass when I have it riding on my shoulder.

–Jeb Holt, Splintered

CAUTION! There may be some spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.


Jebediah Holt is Alyssa's secret crush. He was dating Taelor until prom when he broke up with her. Jeb proceeded to follow Alyssa through her cheval mirror and into London, England. When Alyssa jumps down the rabbit hole he catches her by her hand to stop her. The hole proceeds to collapse under their weight and they fall down together. When they reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, Jebediah aka Jeb, tried to prevent Alyssa from continuing forward.

Instead, Jeb decided to follow Alyssa through the door and into Wonderland. Alyssa and Jeb travel through Wonderland in many adventures, with Morpheus as their guide. Jeb doesn't like Morpheus at the beginning and middle of the series -- he sees him as a potential threat because of Morpheus's ties to Alyssa. Jeb occasionally gets overprotective of his girlfriend when he and Morpheus clash over their differing bonds to Alyssa. However, near the middle-end of Ensnared, Jeb and Morpheus must work together to escape Queen Red's grasp, and so they resolve their squabbles for the being who unites them both: Alyssa.

In the Books Edit

Splintered - Alive

Unhinged - Alive

Ensnared - Alive at beginning, dies at end (due to old age)

Untamed- alive, dead (died of old age)

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

Jebediah is strong and masculine, with many muscles and a strong build. He has olive skin and black hair (despite the cover of Ensnared with Jeb's hair color being brown), according to Alyssa. Alyssa also mentions his lip labret often, as it was a unique feature of Jeb. The lip labret had varying gems and stones inside it. Jeb's personality is sweet and caring, but also protective of Alyssa. In the series, Alyssa makes a life-magic vow in order to prove to him that she still loves him and always will, no matter what her feelings for Morpheus are.