Chessie or other wise known as the Cheshire Cat in most Alice in Wonderland related media.

Alice Adventures in WonderlandEdit

During Alice's first visit to Wonderland, he was the pet cat of the Duchess and was very fat. He later followed Alice, asking where the Duchess' baby had gone. Alice told the Cat that the baby had turned into a pig and ran away. The Cheshire Cat disappeared briefly before coming back to double-check her answer, as he thought Alice had said "fig" instead of "pig." He also told Alice about the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, and pointed where they lived.

Alice, who was not at ease by the Cheshire Cat's sudden disappearances, asked if he could do it slower. The Cat did as he was asked, disappearing bit-by-bit until all that was left was his smile. Alice responded to this by remarking "I've seen a cat without a grin, but never a grin without a cat!" before the smile disappeared. His head later appeared during the Queen of Hearts' croquet game to cheer up Alice.

The Queen ordered the Cat to be the decapitated, but the Executioner argued that he could not because the Cat lacked a body to decapitate. This led to an argument between the Queen, the King and the Executioner about whether or not a disembodied head could be decapitated. The Queen ordered that the Duchess should deal with the Cat, as it was her pet, and let her out of jail. After the Duchess took Alice to see Gryphon and Mock Turtle, the Cheshire Cat was not seen again during Alice's first trip and never made an appearance during her second trip. However, it was believed that the Cheshire Cat made other appearances in unrecorded trips to Wonderland.

Past before series began(Spoliers)Edit

The book however seemed to be a somewhat child friendly version of what actually happened.He along with the Catterpillar or Morpheus,with Alice had invoked chaos within Wonderland who upon her capture Alice had admitted to the following:putting an untimely end to a tea party,spilled soup all over a dutchess so she could sneeze so Alice could steal her gloves and fan,unleashed an accidental ocean and helped a hungry artisan trick his walrus friend out of a benvy of very vocal clams.She claimed that Chessie,Morpheus and herself had done these action refuring to them as the Catterpillar and Cheshire Cat.After Queen Red's release thanks to Rabid,She locked in combat with a stork.However she had the Vorpal Sword and when she had tried to stike Alice,Chessie got in the way,his head being disconnected from his body and while his head had caught the Vorpal Sword and gave it to Alice,by spitting it at her feet while his body was feed to Queen Red's Bandersnatch before being captured and banished from Wonderland.