Alyssa Victoria Gardner is the main protagonist of the Splintered trilogy.


Alyssa Victoria Gardner lives in Pleasance, USA and is a descendant of Alice Liddell, the woman that inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Her mother Alison got sent to an asylum when she was five years old. Her best friends are Jebediah and Jenara Holt who are simultaneously her neighbors. Ever since she was in the fifth grade she could hear the voices of plants and insects. This is due to her family's curse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alyssa has long platinum blond hair and likes to wear various dreadlock hair extensions. After the end of the first book, she has a red streak in her hair that was left after Red used her body as a vessel. Her eyes are blue. Her clothing style reflects her netherling side as well as conforms with her skater girl, edgy style.


Early LifeEdit

Alyssa was born to Alison and Thomas Gardner. After she was born, Morpheus connected to Alyssa's mind through the mind of her mother, Alison, and began to appear to Alyssa in her dreams. He took her to Wonderland, and taught her the things she needed to know in order to later become Queen.

At age 5, Alyssa left the house before a thunderstorm to play with Morpheus, who was in moth form. Alison, afraid that Morpheus would trick Alyssa, tried to kill Morpheus with scissors. Alyssa tried to stop the scissors by throwing her hands in front of them, and Thomas sent Alison to Soul's Asylum to protect Alyssa.

At the age of 13, after she got her period for the first time, Alyssa began to hear the whispers of bugs. In order to block them out, she started to collect them to use in art. She unconsciously arranged them to form pictures of the bits of Wonderland of her childhood. This is also when she began to have what she referred to as the "Alice nightmare", in which she remembers the events of Alice Liddell's flight from the Court after Queen Red's banishment.

At age 14, Alyssa began skateboarding. This gave her a hobby which would allow her to block out the chatter of the bugs and flowers while also allowing her to burn off some of her Netherling wildness.


The book begins on a Friday. Prom happens to be that night, but Alyssa didn't actually want to go. Alyssa got to get out of school early and so she went home and checked her bug traps. After that she went to Underland to skateboard and busted her knee while trying to do an ollie but failed because of her fear of heights. As normal on Fridays, her and her dad go to the asylum where Alison has been for the past eleven years of Alyssa's life (mainly since Alyssa was five), so her friend, Jeb, drove her to the asylum in her car. Every Friday, Alyssa and her dad spend quality time with her mom talking about their lives and eating ice cream. After that, Alyssa and her dad head over to their jobs, his sport gooding shop that's across from Butterfly Threads, the thrift store Alyssa and Jen, her best friend, work at with their boss Persephone. As Jen goes and gets Alyssa a coffee from a coffee shop next door, Alyssa searches on the computer about the blue-black moth on her car freshener and netherlings as they have to do with her family ties on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. As she searches, her search gets interrupted by her archrival and Jeb' s girlfriend, Taelor. Taylor taunts Alyssa about Alyssa's mom and Wonderland, and brags about her future in London with her boyfriend. Once she leaves, Taelor forgets her purse so Alyssa stole the money in it and stashed it in her pencil bag then throws it in the trash because before she left from the asylum to work with her dad, he told her about signing her mom up for a treatment that believes to electrocute her mom to sanity, but can really electrocute her mom to death as has happened to Alyssa's great-great-great grandmother Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll's true inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. That night after work, Alyssa immediately was searching around her house, the half of the duplex she shares with Jeb and Jen that live next door, once her dad leaves to get burgers. She finds hidden items hidden behind sewn daisies in her dad's recliner that were sewn by her mom before she went to the asylum. After she finds the items, Jeb knocks her front door. When she answers, she noticed that Jeb was in his tux ready for Taelor to pick him up in her limo. Alyssa lets him inside because she wanted to tell him about what she knows of Wonderland and what she found in the recliner. Later, he leaves to prom and she goes to her room where she fines her old netherling companion in the reflections convincing her to go to Wonderland to relieve herself and her mom from their family curse of talking to plants and bugs, and going mad over Wonderland. She uses the key she found in the recliner and the mirror to take her to the sundial in London that locates the rabbit hole to Wonderland. She goes through the portal wishing Jeb was with her for this. At the sundial, she uses a feather quill pen to trick the sundial to believe it was four o'clock in the afternoon in London to go down the rabbit hole. Once down the rabbit hole, a moment later Jeb follows with her as her wish is granted that he go through this journey with her. Once landed, Alyssa is eager to continue going as Jeb denies with wanting to go back to the human realm. This is when they meet the Drink Me bottle, the Eat Me box, and the entrance to Wonderland. They shrink and go through the door with Alyssa in the lead and Jeb following behind. They first stumble upon the flowers who are actually zombie flower humanoid looking netherlings that almost ate Jeb and Alyssa if Alyssa didn't know how to escape with the help of Jeb the giant boy that almost killed some of the zombie flowers. They spent the night in a row boat in the middle of Alice's ocean of tears eating energy bars, drinking bottled water, looking inside Alyssa' s mom's copy of Alice's adventures in wonderland as an encyclopedia, and eventually sleeping. They were woken up by the octominous, but eventually defeating him by making the clams gigantic enough to eat the octopus looking walrus. Then they were drowning, but used a sponge to drain the ocean of tears making netherlings and clams happy about those things. Eventually, Alyssa finds her old netherling companion aka Mr. Caterpillar aka Morpheus. Alyssa is surprised that he's not dead, relieved to have found him and to be reunited with him, and confused of his intentions and motives of why he had her come to Wonderland when not sleeping in a dream. Jeb just thinks that the Morpheus is a manipulative, lying, compulsive, arrogant dick with a stupid cockney accent and just likes to be seen interesting with his style, wings, and dramatic yet fagout way of making a first impression.  Then again, he gets knocked out unconscious and taken away to Morpheus' house while Alyssa and Morpheus catch up on eleven years of being apart whether in Morpheus' lair or in his bedroom (no he doesn't seduce her unconscious). Any who, later on there's a banquet, a pissed off Morpheus when he witnesses Jeb and Alyssa's first kiss, a box with Queen Ivory of the White kingdom's head trapped in a box, and an invasion of Rabid White (White Rabbit) and the cards of the Red kingdom. Jeb and Alyssa escape the invasion and lands in the sleeping tea party. Sure she goes mad with Tumtum berry pie by dancing on the table and almost eating a mouse raw, but Jeb snapped her out of it and awaken the tea party before Morpheus rejoins them and they get attacked by cards again. Jeb and Alyssa escape by surfing through the checker board desert and getting enough acceleration with the help of the clams to jump over an abyss doing ollies. Halfway across, the boards and their backpack falls into the abyss, but Alyssa sprouts herself her own set of butterfly wings. Being too weak though, she sets Jeb down on a ledge inside the abyss and goes off to 'find help' but is jeopardize when facing pixies, the Twid Sisters, and Chessie' s smile. She also releases Queen Red's soul, too. Then she is transferred to the Red kingdom and learns from Morpheus that she's really the descendant of Queen Red and she biologically inherits the Red kingdom because the queens have more power than the kings in Wonderland. After a moonlight flying dance across the stars and all over Wonderland with Morpheus, she gets crown Queen of the Red kingdom and finds out that Jeb trade places with Ivory in the box, she wishes from the wish she got from a netherling who came a liking to her personality to wish she had gone to Wonderland alone without Jeb. Once the wish was granted, that Red king happened to be the one to be in the box for his love for Grenadine (the wife of the Red King after Queen Red). Red tries to possess Alyssa to regain her throne , but is defeated by Alyssa who later, with the help of Morpheus, defeats the bandersnatch to release Chessie's body. With Morpheus 'gone' inside the bandersnatch, Alyssa and the netherlings feast so Alyssa could make arrangements with Ivory and Grenadine to look over Wonderland in her absence so she could finish high school. Once she returns to the human world as if she were gone an hour instead of more than 48 hours, she immediately proves to her mom that she's not crazy and that she could be normal. The next day, Alyssa' s dad tells Alyssa the phenomenal news of her mom acting normal and that the asylum thinks there is something wrong with the drugs they give to their patients they didn't even know about then goes off to the asylum with out Alyssa. Then she finds Morpheus in her bug traps and releases him so she could be relieved of the fact that he's not dead. Once Morpheus transforms into a moth and flies away, Jeb happens to be standing at her doorstep explaining what happened at prom (including the fact that he broke up with Taelor at prom) and that he misses Alyssa and he was fired from his original job so he went to beg to his art teacher to get him a job at an art gallery. Jeb and Alyssa confess their feelings and the end for Splintered.